How to Get a Hollywood Smile Safely

A Hollywood smile is gorgeous and eye-catching. It’s not always easy to achieve, though. That perfectly white, straight smile requires a fair bit of work, especially if you have crooked teeth or other oral health problems. 


You might need teeth whitening treatments, veneers, and other cosmetic dental treatments to achieve it. To make sure you do it right, here’s how to get a Hollywood smile safely. 


Get them Professionally Whitened 

The first thing you need to consider is your tooth color. A Hollywood smile is undeniably white, so having stains won’t cut it. To whiten your teeth safely, go to a professional dentist to get it done. It’s better to pay more and achieve the results you want than go for a cheaper option and end up in pain. That is particularly crucial if you have tooth sensitivity. 


Tooth bleaching is not something to take lightly! Your dentist will know the safest and most effective method, so talk to them before trying any treatment. 


Use a Whitening Toothpaste

While teeth whitening is the more effective option, you can keep your teeth bright in between treatments with a good whitening toothpaste. There are plenty of great whitening toothpastes on the market, so ask your dentist for some recommendations. Look out for ingredients like silica and hydrogen peroxide, as they are most effective. 


Look at Reviews for Home Whiteners 

If you are set on home whiteners, be sure to do plenty of research. Good reviews across the board are generally a good sign. Look at the ingredients, too, and ask your dentist if it’s safe. A home whitening kit can make a great difference – just don’t overdo it and always read the instructions! 


Take-Home Whitening Trays

Another way to turn your natural teeth into beautiful, pearly whites is to get take-home whitening trays from your dentist. It is a great option for safety, as they are provided directly from a trusted dentist and will have been medically reviewed. Make sure you follow the instructions to a tee, as that way, you’ll experience the best results. At the end of the treatment, you can expect to see perfectly white teeth. 


At our dentist in Asheville, we provide our patients with home whitening trays custom-made to fit their teeth perfectly. It’s all about tailoring the trays to the patient, ensuring a neat, even application of the teeth whitening treatment.   

Speak to Your Dentist About Veneers

White teeth whitening is important for a Hollywood smile, but it’s not all that goes into it. For a truly straight, white, perfect smile, you need to fill in any gaps you may have, and that’s where veneers come in. 


There are different types of veneers, from porcelain veneers to temporary veneers to Lumineers veneers. The Lumineers veneers are thin, whereas normal veneers are around 0.5ml thick. Speak to your dentist about which ones are right for you. The veneers’ cost might point you in a particular direction. 


The goal of veneers is to cover discoloration, uneven teeth, overlapped teeth, crooked teeth, and more. Any imperfections your teeth may have, veneers will cover them. When completed by a professional, this practice is safe and effective for getting a Hollywood smile. Again, just make sure you talk the procedure through with your trusted dentist beforehand. Remember – cosmetic dentistry should always be delivered by a trusted professional like BAF dentistry. 


Don’t Use Whitening Strips Too Often 

While going to the dentist is the preferred option, if you use whitening strips in between, make sure you don’t use them more than once a year. Even if you don’t suffer from sensitive teeth, using home tooth whiteners too often can result in side effects, such as tooth sensitivity and pain. The pain may become hard to handle, and you’ll quickly wish you didn’t go overboard. If you also have underlying oral problems like gum disease, using white strips too often could also result in tooth damage. 


Get Braces Fitted

Do you have crooked teeth? If your teeth aren’t as straight as you would like them to be, consider getting braces fitted. Don’t worry – they aren’t as obvious as they were when you were a kid! In fact, there are plenty of near-invisible methods for straightening teeth, such as Invisalign. Wear them correctly, and over time your teeth will straighten out, making way for a beautiful Hollywood smile. 


Avoid Tooth-Staining Foods 

Teeth whitening treatments, when done correctly, are an excellent method. You can undo all that hard work, though, if you eat too many tooth-staining foods. Some foods to avoid if you want to keep your pearly whites include: 


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red Wine
  • Curry
  • Soy Sauce
  • Vibrant Fruits (like blackberries)
  • Tomato Sauces
  • Balsamic Vinegar 


While many of these foods are OK to consume from time to time, if they become a regular part of your daily diet, you will quickly find that they stain your teeth. 


Keep Visiting Your Dentist 

You never get a clean as good as the one you receive at the dentist. Not only that, but your dentist can spot dental problems before you can. So, if you want to keep your Hollywood smile, visit your dentist regularly – preferably twice a year. If you experience any issues with your teeth and gums, such as bleeding gums or tooth pain, you must make an appointment straight away. 


Look After Your Oral Health 

Lastly, the way to maintain your Hollywood smile safely is to look after your oral hygiene. You must brush and floss regularly, ensuring you clean your entire mouth in the process. On top of that, cut out the bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating foods with high sugar content. Drinking soda is one of the worst beverages for your teeth’s health and appearance!  


Getting a Hollywood smile safely involves a combination of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening treatments, and home care. As long as you go to a professional dentist and prioritize your oral health, you can achieve that perfectly bright smile.